Kelly Ella Maz, a well-respected travel writer from Canada who loves beaches, wine and exploring new cities opens the new section of Whitney’s Wonderland:  Interviews
She documents her travel experiences, reviewing hotels, destinations, and showing us the most wonderful photos on her blog,!!
As of July 2014, she’s been traveling full-time throughout Europe, Australia and Asia.  At the moment we carry this interview, she’s in Barcelona living her dream!!  But how did she make it happen?  How is it to be a travel blogger?  As she states, “The typical 9-5 job just wasn’t for me, so I created my own career around my passion for travel.”

She has been writing her blog for over a year now!  Her favourite travel blog is and her favourite fashion one is

My first ever recorded home-made skype video, I needed to use a screen-recorder software for it, screencast-o-tomatic.  I’m also learning about editing videos and at interviewing, so do bare with me in this process! 😉  Any help is very welcome!!  Also, the videos are meant to be casual, honest, and true conversations, so they’re meant to me home-made!!
Hope this interview with Kelly inspires you to follow your dreams!!


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