22 Aug 2014



It's a time of transition in London..

Summer has practically left and has been substitued by soft, chilly winds, and cloudier days.  But every now and then, the sun pops out to remind us that technically, summer isn't finished for another month.

This tricky weather requires some tricky clothing...

Es un tiempo de transiciones en Londres..

El verano prácticamente se ha ido y ha sido sustituido por vientos suaves y algo fríos, y días nublados.  Pero de vez en cuando, el sol se asoma para recordarnos que, en teoría, aun queda un mes de verano.

Este tiempo tan puede ser difícil cuando te vestís, pero aquí te doy una idea...

I wore this last weekend, first at the park with family, and then for friends' dinner party.  The weather was completely bipolar, so layering up is the way to go, though trousers are still not an option for me as there's nothing I can't stand less than feeling warm in my trousers and I can, naturally, not take them off, so for the end of summer, I always go for shorts and skirts!!

Este atuendo lo porte el fin de semana anterior, primero para ir al parque con la familia, y luego para una fiesta en la casa de unos amigos.  El tiempo estaba completamente bipolar, así que ponerme capas de vestuario es la mejor forma de lidiar con ello, aunque los pantalones aun no son una opción para mi ya que si hay algo que me estorba es andar pantalones y tener calor! Cuando se trata del final del verano, siempre prefiero las faldas y shorts!!

This cute waistcoat that I've had for like a year now (Remember when I styled it here?) is exactly what I need for these times, as I seem to put it on and take it off more times that can be counted.  That's autumn and I love it!!  How are you guys getting on for the end of summer?  Any other tips on managing to get dressed for this weather that you'd like to share with all of us?  Wanna know them all!! 

Have a great weekend and stay positive!!


Este lindo chaleco que he tenido ya por casi un anno (Recordás cuando te lo mostré aca?) es justamente lo que se necesita en este clima, ya que me lo pongo y quito todo el tiempo, pero me abriga cuando lo necesito.  Así es el Otoño y me encanta!!  Y a vos como te va durante el fin del verano?  Algunos otros tips para vestirte en esta época que queras compartir con nosotros?  Contanos!!

Que tengas un excelente fin de semana y mantenete positivo/a!!


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  1. Love your outfit, the pics and you look great!

  2. Super cute denim shirt and the platforms are hot!!

    Come visit my blog!

  3. I love that washed denim shirt, so great:)

    1. I know! It's my favourite kinda denim shirt coz it makes it a basic with a twist, more special!! ;)

  4. this is adorable!!! I really love this


  5. oh heyyyy sweetie!!

    love your lay out! so cool!!! when did you create this blog? I should visit it more often!
    I love it!
    maybe we could stay in contact ??



    1. Hi Vicky, welcome!! So glad you love it so much!! :) Totally, my social media buttons are on the top roght of this blog!! This blog was created about 16 months ago and yes, come and visit as often as you wish, mi casa es su casa!! ;)

  6. I love this vest on you, great look x

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  7. Amazing outfit !!! Those heels are wonderful, I love them !!!
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    Lots of love sweetie <3

  8. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments, I'm so glad you guys enjoy this look so much, hope it inspires you too x

  9. guapisima & fabulosa!


  10. Beautiful combo, love your shoes and the body chain. :)
    Fashion Happenss

    1. Thanks so much, Lia, I'm so into body chains!! ;)

  11. Awesome outfit!

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  12. you look fantastic girl
    great outfit
    LOVE the vest.
    The location of the photos were outside Bergen in Norway. The nature there is breathtaking

    e d i o t

    1. Thank you so much, hun!! Oh yeah, loved your photos, it looked amazing!! ;)

  13. I love the combination of furry things and denim! Your look looks so chill and chic! Totally obsessing over your shoes!


    1. Thanks so much hun, so glad you like it so much!! These shoes have gotten so much love, and believe it or not, they're incredibly comfortable and I've had them for ages!! ;)