As the fashion month ends, trends start to arouse.  Winter is not even here, but we’re already thinking about next summer.  All the magazines, all the webpages, blogs, etc, are making a collage of trends to let us know what we’re supposed to be wearing for summer 2014.  And, all the trend experts in the business are preparing the documents for those designers who follow trends for their collections, so that they know what to take into account for their 2015 designs.  Well, I have to say, yes, there are obvious clothes that will be in (hate that phrase, oh, well) next season, but again, it’s all about your own style.  However, if there’s one thing that every girl/woman is going mad for, and I actually see everywhere, is the eyebrow.  That thick, dark brow that makes the face interesting regardless of its shape or proportions, that makes the face look young and frames the eyes…  It’s gorg.  And I believe it’s Cara’s fault.  The 21 year old supermodel (apparently the designation is back) was nominated model of the year in 2012, apart from modeling for Victoria’s Secret show last year, which makes any model actually “famous”, as even the less interested in fashion soul will still enjoy looking at the stunning models smiling and walking around in lingerie.  So many people watch the show.  Well, and they saw Cara.  And her eyebrows.  And Miss Delevingne appeared strongly in the map.
Oh, fame….  All these years makeup brands had a difficult time selling the eyebrow products and now they can barely cope with the demand.  Pencils, brushes, shadows…  Remember when years ago, everyone wanted Christina Aguilera’s look?  I mean, you really had to pluck and pluck to get them brows that thin.  I never liked it.  Never did it.  Thank God, cause (apparently), the other day a girlfriend told me that they only grow till certain age and then that’s it!  And to never ever pluck on top.  Either way, I much much much prefer a fuller eyebrow.  Like, have a look at the picture above and then this one of Christina in the early noughties, it’s hilarious!  It does look dirty though, and well, that was what she was trying to achieve.
The reverse happened.  Instead of fashion collections dictating makeup trends, Cara’s teenage fans, and then everyone else, started letting the hair grow.  And so the designers saw.  And copied, cause women like it as it’s easy, fresh, young, and quite Audrey Hepburn, I must say.  So now, the big fashion houses went mad for them.  Fashion week last month was eyebrow-full.  Cause, you know, even if the clothes were quite conventional, the heavy brow look will give them a contemporary vibe.
Dior:  They even glittered them!

 Céline:  Chunky and obscure

 Chanel:  A feast happened around the brow
 Backstage at Burberry:  Natural

 Backstage at Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique:  Edgy
 Cara in Valentino:  A coutured brow

Audrey Hepburn

  So, what do you think?  Are you already into thick ones?  Will you be?  Well, glitter may be a bit too much for a night out, but hey, Halloween is coming and that’s the one night to go crazy with makeup!  Have a great weekend, everybody!! xoxo
Photos taken from Vogue UK
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