After visiting Valentino: The Exhibition at the V&A museum last month, I got this amazing book about his garments’ designing and craftsmanship process.  There are some insight photos that had never been published before as they’re part of his personal albums…

photo (2)

More of a photo exploration than a textual, but worth having if you’re a fan..

And I love this quote:  “I only believe in slow changes in fashion, which we call an evolution, not a revolution”


BTW the exhibition was breathtaking!!  Loved taking a close look at the garments, all worn by famous artists and personalities throughout the decades, like Julia Roberts’ dress when she won the Oscar for Erin Brockovich…  It was all beautiful and inspiring, though I wish there had been more space to look at the dresses, as they were quite close together and the aisle where we could walk was pretty narrow and crowded…  Did you attend the exhibition?  If you missed it, you can buy the book in amazon and other web pages

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