Texture (Deliciously Exotic!!)

4/27/2013 Whitneys Wonderland 10 Comments


I love food and I adore dinner.  It’s such a pleasure to relax in the evening and enjoy your meal…  Eating should always be a pleasure and in Texture they know exactly how to do it!!  I just went on a date with my Mr to try Texture.  We had read some mixed old reviews from 2007, but they were mainly excellent.  However, we did not know such a treat was awaiting us!! From the moment we sat down we were kindly greeted by the waiter who brought us a whisky and some pink champagne for me.  Love my champagne!!  And as you see in the previous picture, we enjoyed these tasty ones in the meantime!!


The whole environment is cool fancy, very contemporary with paintings that are sober but avant-garde, in accordance to the theme of the restaurant, I really liked this one:


Now, My Mr said he has never seen waiters so happy to bring food to the table.  They came with a smile upon their face giving us all the details on the menu, the food, and the theme of the restaurant.  The restaurant is located in 34 Portman Street, London.  The entrance is quite small but once you get in you can see it is packed- happy customers for sure.  Everybody is dressed smart-casual, but again, in London you can pull pretty much anything off.  I wore a dress to impress as it was a sexy date ;)


Excuse the quality of this one, but I posted it so that you can check out a bit more...

Now, what we came for:  Food!!

This was a quite new experience, as their food is Modern European with Scandinavian influences.  Texture, as their name suggests, is all about textures and creativity, so we decided to try the Tasting Menu so that we could really enjoy the best of the best.  Everything on the menu was absolutely delicious and original.  We did the wine pairing and enjoyed the perfect matching of the wine and the food.


Now this was a surprise!! You would expect this amuse bouche to be sweet and savory, but it's only savory for you to really enjoy the taste of the peas...  I'd never had anything like it before, and after some serious thought, I have decided I like it!


This quail with the bacon popcorn was unbelievable!!  It was so tasty and juicy I just couldn't get enough of it!!  I love the combination of flavours and textures in each dish, love good surprises!!


Now, the chips are the best chips I’ve had in my life!!  They’re crispy on the outside and fluffy and tasty on the inside….  Perfect size, shape, taste, and texture,  of course!!  They are a MUST!!


The pre-dessert was quite meaningful to me, as it tasted just as a dessert my grandma used to make on Sundays when I was a kid!!  Me, my brother and all the rest of my cousins always sat down to have it with ice cream under the warm Costa Rican sunshine.


The Madeleines were to die for!!  Crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside with tons of flavour, so addictive!!


I have a fixation with this teapot, it's soooo cool!!

They have been going on since 2007 and have won several accolades including a Michelin star in 2010, the Independent New Restaurant of the Year and Best Newcomer in the Caterer &Hotelkeeper Catey Awards.


You'll definitely find fashion in Texture!! Don't forget to try the chips ;)


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